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Cheaplandinamerica.com specializes in cheap 160-acre tracts located in Wyoming. Not only are these tracts the cheapest per-acre prices in Wyoming, but also the cheapest per-acre prices to be found anywhere in the entire United States.

A 160-acre tract is huge and measures one-half mile by one-half mile and it is two miles around the perimeter. 160-acres contain almost seven million square feet and, in theory, over three million people could stand on a tract of land this size at the same time.

160-acre tracts sell for as low as $199 per acre ($31,840) with $840 down and the balance of $31,000 payable at $310 per month (amortized over 186 months including 9% interest, with no credit checks and no prepayment penalties of any kind).

Most of these 160-acre tracts are located in the checkerboard area (created by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862 Pacific Railroad Act). There are some limitations, but also some tremendous benefits to owning land in the checkerboard area.

To learn more about checkerboard lands CLICK HERE.
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