South Dakota Land for Sale

  • The cheapest prices in the State of South Dakota – starting as low as $399 per acre! We have 40-acre to 640-acre tracts for sale with spectacular purchase terms!

  • There is guaranteed seller financing with no credit checks of any kind!

  • Most parcels are surveyed and the map recorded with the county.

  • The Williston Basin (stretching from Canada south into Montana, North Dakota, and northern South Dakota) is one of the most active oil and gas exploration areas in the United States. Recently, an oil field has been discovered as far south as Bear Butte, just east of Sturgis. All of our South Dakota properties are located in the general vicinity of oil and gas activities. When we purchased this land, we received 50% of any oil and gas rights owned by the selling rancher—and we are passing along any and all oil and gas rights we own to the new buyer.

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