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South Dakota (25)
Cheaplandinamerica.com specializes in the sale of South Dakota land, cheap land in South Dakota, and the cheapest acreage in South Dakota. The goal is to offer these parcels at the lowest per-acre prices available anywhere in the State of South Dakota
Texas (0)
Wyoming (27)
Oklahoma (4)
Nevada (3)

Purchase by phone in 5-minutes time (800) 421-7163, or email

About Us

CheapLandinAmerica.com was founded by Doug Caffey, one of the nation's largest acreage wholesalers, for the purpose of providing a marketplace for tracts of low priced acreage. Caffey has been in the land business over 40 years and has purchased and sold approximately 500,000 acres throughout the western states.

If requested Cheap Land in America, Inc. will email documented proof of ownership to anyone considering a land purchase. References from banks, title companies, attorneys, mortgage firms and individuals who have previously sold land to, or purchased land from, Caffey are available.


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