Cheap Land in Wyoming

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When vacationers think about Wyoming, they think of Yellowstone National Park, the great Teton Mountains, ritzy Jackson Hole ski resorts, and fancy dude ranches.

When petroleum exploration companies think about Wyoming, they think of a state that has the seventh largest oil production and the fifth largest natural gas production in the nation.

When campers and hikers think of Wyoming, they visualize an un-crowded paradise with millions of acres of public lands to explore. Wyoming is the ninth largest state with 98,000 square miles, yet it is the least populous with only 460,000 people.

When hunters think of Wyoming, they think of 370,000 antelope, comprising half of the entire world’s pronghorn population. Wyoming has more deer than people, in addition to a substantial elk population.

However, when real estate investors think of the state, they think of only one thing – large tracts of cheap land in Wyoming! If you know where to look, cheap land in Wyoming can still be found for under $250 per acre. This price also would make cheap land in Wyoming among the cheapest land in the United States.

Purchasing a 40-acre, 80-acre, 160-acre or 640-acre tract of cheap land in Wyoming, if purchased cheaply enough, could prove to be very financially rewarding in future years. While it may come as a surprise to many people, cheap land in Wyoming has outperformed the stock market, bank accounts or gold through the years.

Cheap land in Wyoming should be a welcome addition to anyone’s financial portfolio.

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