Cheap Land in South Dakota

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Through the years, numerous people have made substantial sums of money speculating in cheap land in South Dakota. But do you know who the most successful speculator in history was, when it came to cheap landin America? It was President Thomas Jefferson, who arranged the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

The Louisiana Purchase consisted of 530 million acres of land, eventually divided into 13 states, including South Dakota. The price was $15 million, or a little less than three cents per acre.  Thus, President Jefferson was the first, and far away the most successful, speculator in cheap land in South Dakota.

The population of South Dakota is 750,000, and nearly half of these people live on the 30,000 farms and ranches that coverabout 85% of the state. There are 49 million acres in the state, and it measures 375 miles east to west and 250 miles north to south. An area this large presents abundant opportunities to find cheap land.

South Dakota has been home to huge buffalo herds, great Indian tribes, French fur traders, prairie settlers, U. S. cavalry soldiers, cattle ranchers, gold prospectors and gamblers. Today, many parts of the state remain sparsely populated, and South Dakota accepts with pride the description of being “in the boondocks.”

Completed in 1941, Mount Rushmore, the carving in a granite mountain of four U. S. presidents, attracts international attention to South Dakota. Over six million tourists visit the state each year, generating over $1 billion worth of economic activity and employing nearly 10% of the workers in South Dakota. Without a doubt, many of these six million tourists will check newspaper advertisements for cheap land in South Dakota.

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