Cheap Land for Sale

Land for Sale

Land dealers today are guilty of taking great liberty with the term “cheap” land and, in fact, obfuscate the issue far beyond the real meaning. All over the Internet websites represent that they sell “cheap” land and then present listing after listing of typical 2 ½-acre lots for $5,995. The promoter then points out how “cheap” the land is. But in reality this “cheap” lot is priced at $2,398 per acre – and that is definitely NOT cheap land for sale!

What is considered cheap land for sale is a 160-acre tract for $31,840, which is only $199 per acre! The promoter of the 2 ½-acre lot for $5,995 is confusing cheap per-parcel prices with the real meaning of cheap land – which is cheap per-acre prices. Since the Pilgrims landed in 1620 and Americans began migrating west, land dealers have made fortunes buying land per-acre and selling lots per-parcel. Astute buyers of cheap land for sale will always concentrate on per-acre prices and ignore the illusion of per-parcel prices.

Cheap land for sale is normally found in the larger Western states: Wyoming, Texas, South Dakota, New Mexico and Nevada. These five states probably contain the largest amount of land in the nation priced under $500 per acre.  But with the massive amount of dollars the federal government has recently committed to spend inflation is sure to run rampart and in the next five to 10 years it might be almost impossible to find land anywhere in the United States for under $1,000 per acre.

Cheap rural land is a finite asset, meaning there are only so many acres available in the United States and there is no way to manufacture more land. There are 2.4 billion acres of land in the United States and in the year 1910 the population was 92 million. That equated to 26 acres per person. Today there are still only 2.4 billion acres of land yet the population is now 307 million people. This now equates to approximately 7.5 acres per person. Thus in the future there will be an ever increasing number of people yet not one new acre of land will be created. This simple mathematical fact creates a formula guaranteeing that cheap rural land of today will become considerably less cheap in future years. 

In addition to the population increase, inflation will also result in higher land prices (and higher prices of everything else as well) in the future. According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the dollar lost 21% of its buying power in just the last 10 years alone. Thus cheap land for sale today will be worth more and more in the future as the dollar becomes worth less and less!

Owning a large tract of cheap land may be one of the safest and surest methods of creating future wealth. Raw land can’t be destroyed by fire, can’t be outdated by technology, can’t be mismanaged and can’t be stolen – it always remains and through the years has always increased in value!

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