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Where can you Find Cheap Investment Property?

When looking for cheap investment property, many people spend time sifting through classified ads and real estate websites in hopes that they’ll find that special rental property that will boost their monthly income and make for a great future return. Owners of rental property must make sure the house is up to code, that appliances receive the proper maintenance, and that tenants are properly taking care of their rented portion of the property. While rental properties can be good investments, they require a great deal of time from an individual.

Years ago, investors began buying cheap investment property in the form of undeveloped land. Rugged and barren, these parcels of land are usually priced by the acre. Many of the plots are large in size, some measuring more than 100 acres. One of the major points about property like this is that it needs no upkeep. There is no maintenance for owners to perform. Unlike a rental property, the land requires nothing of its owner. Individuals who have purchased property like this know that the investment is sound and stable. It’s because of inflation that the value of the property increases. By investing money in this type of land, many have protected their capital from the effects of crippling inflation that the U.S. dollar experiences each year.

Those hoping to find solid ground where their money can accumulate value should consider purchasing cheap investment property. Some of the best buys in this type of property can be found in Wyoming, South Dakota, Texas and Oklahoma.

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Cheapest Land in the World is in the United States

The cheapest land in the United States is generally around $200 per acre, yet land can be found in some countries priced as low as $20 per acre. So if a real estate investor were interested in acquiring a large tract of the cheapest land in the world for future investment purposes, which country in the world would offer the best potential?

The answer, without doubt, would still be the United States of America for the following reasons:

  1. Government Stability—The United States has one of the most stable governments in the world, and property rights are protected by the U.S. Constitution.
  2. Currency—Buying land in the United States with U.S. dollars eliminates the problem of converting profits from foreign real estate transactions into U.S. dollars.
  3. Title Insurance—There are dozens of title companies in the United States that issue policies insuring the buyer’s title to the land. In many foreign countries it is difficult, if not impossible, to secure reliable title coverage.
  4. Squatter Rights—Unlike many third-world countries, the U.S. courts do not recognize property rights for “squatters” who occupy land without obtaining legal ownership.
  5. Transferability—It is fast, easy, and inexpensive to transfer ownership of land in the United States. In some countries—Argentina being a prime example—there can be time delays of several years while the government investigates and approves (or denies) the transfer of ownership of land located near coastlines or national borders.
  6. Economy—The United States is still, far and away, the world’s largest and most vibrant economy.
  7. Worldwide Demand—Historically, there always has been a demand for land in the United States, and worldwide investors have purchased with safety and confidence.

A large tract of land acquired in the United States for $200 per acre undoubtedly offers a far greater future potential than does a large tract of land acquired for $20 per acre in a third-world country. All things considered, the cheapest land in the world is located right here in the United States of America!

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How and Where to Find Cheap Land

What is cheap land?

Cheap land is not cheap per-parcel; rather it is cheap per-acre. A small quarter-acre lot picked up at a tax sale for $995 is not really cheap land. The price per-parcel is cheap, at $995, but the price per-acre is $3,980. To find cheap land, you must find a cheap per-acre price. For instance, 643 acres for $118,955 is a much more expensive per-parcel price, but the per-acre price is very cheap at only $185.

Where can you find cheap land?

Land that is truly cheap — land that is priced under $250 per acre – is close to becoming extinct in the United States. The few tracts of land for sale today at this price are found mainly in Texas, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada and New Mexico. And this price will normally only be available on tracts of 10,000 acre sizes or larger.

How can you find cheap land?

The best ways to find cheap land are checking advertisements in small newspapers in rural areas of these states; talking with real estate brokers who specialize in large tracts of land; and searching the Internet.

What good is cheap land?

If you find cheap land, you have found one of the few assets known to man that can’t be stolen, destroyed, outdated by new technology or reproduced – and in future years, it is guaranteed to still be here and to be worth more money than it is today. So the answer is that cheap land is a very reliable asset to hold for the long-term — and in the meantime, it can be used and enjoyed.
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