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The Best Way to Buy Land Cheap

Many Internet land sales companies offer to sell you land that they bought cheap, but very little advice is ever given on how to buy land cheap yourself. It is common for land companies to acquire 160 aces, and then subdivide the land into 32 five-acre lots for resale. But seldom do these land companies offer to tell the five-acre lot buyers how they, themselves, can acquire 160 acres.

In reality there aren’t many “secrets” of how to buy land cheap; instead it just requires detailed “execution.” First, determine where you want to acquire cheap land, and then take the following steps.

  • Place “land wanted” advertisements in small local newspapers.
  • Subscribe to small local newspapers and monitor “land for sale” advertisements.
  • Contact the local farm bureau and cattlemen’s association and place ads in their monthly publications.
  • Contact local real estate brokers and tell them what you are looking for.
  • Notify the local banks and farm credit bureaus that you would be interested in acquiring any cheap land that might be in default.
  • Get a list of property owners from the county assessor and mail out post cards offering to purchase their land.
  • Contact the county tax collector and see how to buy land cheap through tax defaults.
  • Surf the Internet looking for companies that specialize in wholesaling large tracts of cheap acreage.

Anyone who takes the time and makes the required effort to learn how to buy land cheap can expect to make substantial sums of money throughout the years!

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Where to Find Acreage for Sale?

Twenty-five years ago, major newspapers throughout the United States carried quite a few advertisements regarding acreage for sale—a term generally used to describe large tracts of land. Today, it is becoming more and more difficult to find large tracts of land for sale, especially cheap acreage.

For investment purposes, large tracts of rural land are often overlooked in favor of the stock market. This is unfortunate, because low-priced land has outperformed the stock market over the last 40 years. Today, the Dow Jones is approximately 11,000, about 13 times the 1970 level of 838. In 1970, newspapers in Texas, Wyoming, South Dakota, New Mexico and Nevada carried many advertisements regarding acreage for sale at $15 per acre. Today, it is rare to see classified ads in these same newspapers offering land for less than $350 per acre, about 23 times the 1970 price. Perhaps more important is the fact that many Wall Street stocks of 40 years ago went out of business and no longer exist, while every single acre of land that existed in 1970 is still here today and is worth substantially more money.

The wonderful thing about land is that it is a finite supply, and it can’t be reproduced, manufactured or created. Today, the population of the United States is around 300 million, and by the year 2050 the population is projected to increase to more than 400 million. Yet not one new acre of land will have been created.

The other amazing thing about land is that no one can predict—with absolute certainty—what the future will bring as to values or what new uses will be discovered. For instance, 75 years ago who would have imagined that wind farm developments, solar energy projects and communication towers would create substantial cash flow for rural land owners?  What kinds of opportunities might materialize in the future?

People should keep their eyes open for good deals in acreage for sale. It is an exciting asset to own, is certain to be here in the future and can lead to unforeseeable uses and future profits.

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